Renovation Financing Made Simple

You found your dream home, but not everything about the house is perfect to your expectations.  After all it is a house that is yet to be personalized to you and your family.

There are still a few things in your wish list that are nice-to-have but they are bugging you.  It could be about the second floor washroom that needs a new look.

But where could you get the funds to make these nice-to-have wishes to reality?  Your available fund is already tied up to cover for the down payment and the closing cost to purchase the house.    

This where our purchase + improvement mortgage product comes in.

Our preferred mortgage partners have access to several Purchase Plus Improvement Program offered by selective lending institutions that allow you to

receive up to $40,000 (added into the mortgage loan amount) to pay for that much-needed renovation and in turn, the equity in the home may just increase!

Let our preferred mortgage partners guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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