Mortgage Without The Stress Test

Starting from early 2018, the Government of Canada introduced the B-20 Guideline (Stress Test) that affected the ability of many Canadians in qualifying for a mortgage.

Stress Test was then implemented by many federally regulated financial institutions, such as the Big Banks.  Based on the Stress Test means your application for a mortgage loan is qualified based on the 5-Year Benchmark Rate set by the Bank of Canada,

which is historically higher than the actual interest rate that is charged by the financial institutions to borrowers. 

As a result, creating a stress effect to the potential borrowers that simulates a situation whereby the mortgage interest rates drastically increased. 

The good news is, do you know, that there are regulated financial institutions that qualify you for a mortgage loan without the Stress Test?

This means that, without the Stress Test based qualification, you are able to borrow more with the same down payment amount!

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