Mortgage Renewal & Switches

Is your mortgage up for renewal in the next 120 days?  Usually lenders would send you the renewal offer a few months before the maturity date.  Most homeowners don’t even think twice about signing the renewal offer with their current lender.  As a result, missing the chance to save money and pay off their mortgage sooner! 

You can be smarter than most homeowners by asking this question:

“Is renewing with this lender the best move for my family’s current situation? Could there be something better out there?”

Also, have you considered switching early to another lender with a lower interest rate?

Switching to a lower interest rate mortgage before maturity could still save you money and make you be mortgage free sooner!

Our preferred mortgage partners at Home Resolution will be able to give you the best product from multiple lenders so you are getting the competitive rates.  They will compare the cost and savings before you make the switch you can make an informed decision whether to renew or to switch. 

Get started today and contact them to inquire about the best product and rate for your situation.

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